About Kopitarna
About Kopitarna

About Kopitarna

Our footwear is made with love and commitment from our workers from all generations.

Zgodovina Kopitarne Sevnica

Tradition since 1886


Towards the end of the 19th century, the German Winkle family got the idea to expand their business activities to Slovenia. Thus, in 1886, a company for the production of shoe hooves was established in Sevnica. The proximity of the surrounding forests contributed to this decision because at that time all shoemakers' hooves were still made of wood. The old sawmill was converted into a production hall, machines were installed and other necessary devices were soon made. The first pair of hooves was made on October 11, 1886. In 1892, a steam boiler was set up, where semi-finished products were steamed. The construction company Smrekar continued to build in Kopitarna, and over time the factory was transformed into the largest shoe hoof factory in its industry.

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Kopitarna Sevnica

Creating for you

With the decree, which was the subject of the establishment of the company, the company was given the name "KOPITARNA SEVNICA" on October 31, 1946, which is still in use today. After 1973, we built a new building for semi-finished products, a mechanical and electrical workshop, and a part of the building for the production of footwear, which was completed in the summer of 1975. After that year, we started producing polyethylene hooves on new machines. Over the years, we have updated our shoe hoof program with the latest knowledge and technologies. We have also expanded our range with shoe tensioners and footwear. Footwear production soon increased sharply due to the growing demand for products made from natural materials such as wood, cork, and leather.

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Quality first

Our mission

It is distinguished by fashionable and everyday design, suitable for various needs and purposes. We desire to make our customers feel good and comfortable when using our footwear. We are very proud that our footwear is also used for protection at work, thanks to the quality and suitability certificates awarded to many models. Future developments are increasingly focused and adapted to this purpose. 135 years of existence, operation and development are felt at every step.

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Kopita Kopitarna

Shoe lasts

We produce various types of lasts in various types of production with various types of forging that perfectly serve their purpose. Our most important attributes in the field of last making are: more than 120 years of experience, CAD department for designing lasts, soles, shoe trees and shoes, CAM machines for producing prototype lasts, CAM machines for serial production of lasts, CAM machines for cutting leather, paper, plastic and other materials, laser engraving on different materials, experienced employees, permanent investments in human resources and technology, use of high quality synthetic and natural materials.

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Podplati Kopitarna

Wooden soles

Kopitarna Sevnica d. d. is the inventor of the flexible wooden sole for clogs, flexible in the sole pad area. The walking surface of the wooden clog is made of soft polyurethane, which absorbs vibrations. The foot bed is anatomically shaped. Wood is a natural material that can breathe, absorb moisture and is also a very good temperature isolator. In our production we use only select types of wood. Our soles are polished and stained in different colours. We produce soles in traditional and fashionable shapes.

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Napenjači Kopitarna

Shoe trees

The shoe tree, manufactured by the Kopitarna factory, is an ideal aid, used for maintaining footwear. It combines daily functionality with the warmth of wood. By preserving the shape of the shoe, it prolongs its life span. Wood absorbs moisture and thus keeps the shoe dry. The shoe tree enables shoes to be easily and suitably stored. We produce shoe trees from various types of wood: beech wood, poplar wood. You may choose from a variety of shoe trees which are: sanded but not lacquered, sanded and lacquered, sanded and stained.

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